Machine Contributor Honour Roll

Machine Contributor Honour Roll

Below is a list of all the people who have kindly donated machines from their private collection to make the TazPin event and the donation to the charity a reality.

TazPin 2022 – 2023 Contributors Honour Roll

1 x TAZPIN Machine Contribution
5 x TAZPIN Machine Contributions
10 x TAZPIN Machine Contributions
20 x TAZPIN Machine Contributions
50 x TAZPIN Machine Contributions

Contributor Achievement Events
Justin Kingston 2
Ben Williams 2
Frank Holtznagel 2
Rick Hill 2
Steven Amerikanos 2
Al Cutler 2
Eden Moore 2
Tanya Graham 2
Alan Atkins 2
Ben Graham 2
Darren Catlin 2
Garry Howell 2
Jamie Tunks 2
Simon Spencer 2
Tony Morgan 2
Haydn Charlton 2
Mark Nitz 2
Pinball Jesus 1
Andrew Cathcart 2
Brett Cook 2
Darren Bosworth 1
Haggis Pinball 1
John Kearnan 2
Kemuel Wood 1
Mark Steel 2
Sam Morgan 2
Tim Habb 2
Adrian Evans 1
Alison Clarke 1
Andrew Paul 1
Ben Wardlaw 1
Lee Davey 1
Mark Brown 1
Michael Rossiter 1
Roy Seabourne 1
Simon Voigt 1
Solomon Smith 1
Steve Enkelaar 1

TazPin 2024 – Call for Contributors

TAZPIN just doesn’t happen without pinball machine contributors, and we need games in order for an event like this to be most successful each year!!!

Collectors and enthusiasts like yourself help make TAZPIN the great event it is!!! Without you, this community event just couldn’t exist and being able to donate valuable money to charity each year, please consider joining the contributor’s team to make a difference!!!

🏅 Incentives:

  • Receive a “Contributors Gift Pack” including
  • FREE entry to the event, EXCLUSIVE entry to our Saturday Night VIP session (contributors and sponsors only – no public access) in the biggest Pinball arcade Tasmania has ever seen!!!
  • FREE custom design contributor T Shirt (not sold to public), FREE event poster, FREE Lanyard, PLUS Much Much More!!!

Take the plunge, meet existing and new like-minded pinball collectors and enthusiasts, be part of this awesome event raising money for charity. All money raised goes to charity!

Please contact us if you would like to contribute.