Machines & Contributors

Machines & Contributors

Over 50 machines will be available at TazPin 2024 ranging from the classic Electro-Mechanical all the way up to modern LCD marvels.

Games coming to 2024

TAZPIN 2024 Pinball Machines Manufacturer Year
A.G. Soccer Ball Alvin G. & Company 1991
Alice Cooper Spooky Pinball 2017
Avengers Infinity Quest (Prem) Stern 2020
Barracora Williams 1991
Baywatch Sega 1995
Bazzar Bally 1966
Big Hurt Gottlieb 1995
Black Hole Gottlieb 1981
Black Pyramid Bally 1984
Black Rose Bally 1992
Bobby Orr Power Play Bally 1978
Centaur II Bally 1983
Contact Poolette 1933
Demolition Man Williams 1994
Dirty Harry Williams 1995
Eight Ball Deluxe Bally 1981
F-14 Tomcat Williams 1987
Farfalla Zaccaria 1983
FirePower Williams 1980
Fish Tales Williams 1992
FJ Hankin 1978
Flintstones Williams 1984
Freddy A Nightmare on Elm Street Gottlieb 1994
Ghostbusters (Pro) Stern 2016
Grand Prix Stern 2005
Gulf Stream Williams 1973
Hot Shot Gottlieb 1973
Hot Wheels American Pinball 2020
James Bond 007 (Prem) Stern 2022
Jaws (Pro) Stern 2024
Johnny Mnemonic Williams 1995
Judge Dredd Bally 1993
Jurassic Park Data East 1993
Jurassic Park (Prem) Stern 2019
No Fear: Dangerous Sports Williams 1995
No Good Gofers Williams 1997
Paddock Williams 1969
Phantom of the Opera Data East 1990
Pirates of the Caribbean Stern 2006
Playboy Bally 1978
Pro Football Gottlieb 1973
Shrek Stern 2008
Star God Zaccaria 1980
Star Trek Next Generation Williams 1993
Stargate Gottlieb 1995
Tee’d Off Gottlieb 1993
The Getaway Williams 1992
The Simpsons Pinball Party Stern 2003
The X Files Sega 1997
Theatre of Magic Bally 1995
Vector Bally 1981
Virtual Digital 2023
Virtual Digital 2023
Water World Gottlieb 1995
World Challenge Soccer Gottlieb 1994
World Cup Williams 1978
World Cup Soccer Bally 1994
World Cup Soccer Bally 1994
WWF Royal Rumble Data East 1994
Pinball Machines are supplied by private collectors and game line-up may change without notice.

The following slideshow is a partial list of confirmed machines.

Honour Roll

All of the past contributors to TazPin are visible on our honour roll celebrating their individual contributions with much thanks.

TazPin 2024 – Call for Contributors

TAZPIN just doesn’t happen without pinball machine contributors, and we need games in order for an event like this to be most successful each year!!!

Collectors and enthusiasts like yourself help make TAZPIN the great event it is!!! Without you, this community event just couldn’t exist and being able to donate valuable money to charity each year, please consider joining the contributor’s team to make a difference!!!

🏅 Incentives:

  • Receive a “Contributors Gift Pack” including
  • FREE entry to the event, EXCLUSIVE entry to our Saturday Night VIP session (contributors and sponsors only – no public access) in the biggest Pinball arcade Tasmania has ever seen!!!
  • FREE custom design contributor T Shirt (not sold to public), FREE event poster, FREE Lanyard, PLUS Much Much More!!!

Take the plunge, meet existing and new like-minded pinball collectors and enthusiasts, be part of this awesome event raising money for charity. All money raised goes to charity!

Please contact us if you would like to contribute.