Past Events

Past Events

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TazPin 2023

Following the remarkable debut in 2022, the TazPin pinball expo soared to new heights in its 2023 edition, doubling its charitable impact with an impressive $8,000 raised for a worthy cause. The event, now a staple in the pinball community, continued to attract enthusiasts from across the globe, including some of the world’s top pinball players, making it a landmark event in the pinball calendar.

The 2023 TazPin expo witnessed a phenomenal turnout, with participants ranging from seasoned pinball veterans to families and newcomers, all united by their shared passion for the game. The expo was graced by dozens of contributors who generously showcased their collections, offering an even more diverse array of pinball machines than before. This blend of classic and modern machines provided a perfect playground for both nostalgic trips and new adventures.

Key to the event’s success were the many sponsors who joined hands in supporting this grand celebration of pinball culture. Their contributions not only enriched the experience but also played a vital role in doubling the funds raised for charity compared to the previous year.

The 2023 TazPin expo was more than just a gathering; it was a vibrant festival of lights, sounds, and excitement, bringing together the finest in the pinball world. It underscored the event’s growing reputation as a crucial meeting point for players, collectors, and enthusiasts. The success of this year’s event has not only reinforced TazPin’s commitment to charity but also solidified its position as a beacon for the global pinball community.

TazPin 2022

The inaugural TazPin pinball expo event in 2022 was a resounding success, with over $4,000 raised for the 4K Childrenโ€™s Ward LGH Auxiliary charity. The event had a fantastic turnout, with hundreds of people attending over three different sessions, including enthusiastic pinball players, families, and people of all ages. Private collectors generously provided over 50 pinball machines for the public to experience, providing a delightful mix of classic and modern machines. The event proved to be a marvellous opportunity for everyone to get together and enjoy the excitement of playing and viewing some of the best pinball games created. TazPinโ€™s tremendous success lays the foundation for more events to come and further winning collaboration amongst enthusiasts, private collectors, and charity to benefit a good cause.