We are proud that all profits from our TazPin events go to charity.


Official Announcement: TazPin 2024 Charity

It is our utmost pleasure and excitement to announce that the chosen charity for TAZPIN 2024 is the 4K Children’s Ward LGH Auxiliary.

TAZPIN 2024 is proud to align with the 4K Children’s Ward Auxiliary, reflecting our commitment to making a positive impact on the local community. By choosing this worthy cause, we aim to contribute to the well-being of children in need of medical care.

We invite all pinball enthusiasts, sponsors, and supporters to join us in making a difference. Every flip, every score at TAZPIN 2024 will contribute to this meaningful cause.

2023 & 2022

The 4K Children’s Ward Auxiliary are a dedicated and dynamic group who raise funds for the children’s ward at the Launceston General Hospital to make a positive change. They generously donate their time and energy raising funds to help improve the lives of the many children that receive care at the LGH. The money raised assists the continuous improvement to hospital facilities to enhance patient and family care. They are a community based organisiation with all funds raised going directly to the needs of the patients.

The committed and dedicated group have been working hard to uphold their motto “For the care and comfort of all.” for an amazing 90 years. The 4K Children’s Ward Auxiliay charity raise funds in a myriad of ways. The funds raised go to a variety of projects and initiatives in line with the auxiliary’s goals to contribute and meet the hospital ward priorities. We take a flexible approach meaning the funds can be used as and when needs arise. This is to ensure best possible outcomes for patients and families. These funds help to provide supplementary items that are in addition to the amazing services and modern healthcare provided at the LGH. As well as providing funds the group also use the many talents and skills from the group to create items that are then gifted to the ward.

Last year, TazPin 2023 raised $8,000 for the 4K Children’s Ward Auxiliary LGH.

During the inaugural year, TazPin 2022 raised $4,229.00 for the 4K Children’s Ward Auxiliary LGH.